same shit, different day

I already told you that I'm not sure if I'll find time for a new post this week because I have to pack my bag and organize some things. Well, I took some pictures of my room and some new things. 

The sneakers aren't new. But I'm wearing them a lot right now and I am still in love with these sneakers. 
On the second picture you can see my new mirror. It was really cheap so I couldn't resist.
My kitty is almost 2 years old but I found a new place for her in room. 
The next picture is just showing a detail of my bed and my phone. 
Last picture is just showing my new 'owl' which I got at Strauss today. 

Have a nice weekend and take care! I'm off to Hamburg. xx


  1. nice blog and nice post! I lved the mirror aslñklksdf good style you got. followin u now!
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  2. I can see why your wearing those shoes a lot, they look great as well as comfortable! Really cool mirror, it's a good find!

  3. In love with the shoes!! We have made some changes in our blog, tell us what you think about it! xx

  4. Hi Sweety,
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