Here are my current wishes.
 First of all, I want some basic sneakers for summer. 
I found some nice sneakers by Acne, that I really love.

The next thing is a cashmere pullover by COS. 
I already found this pullover last year. But it was always sold out. 

Maison Martin Margiela's "untitled" fragrance is a must-have. 
I bought this fragrance two years ago in Paris at Colette. Everytime I use it I feel happy.

My new favorite shades are by Persol. On the image you can see the Persol 6049.
 There are a few models by Persol, which I like. So it's really hard to decide.

Last but not least a trenchcoat by Burberry.
 But I got to tell you that I already bought it last week. 
I'll take some pictures soon!

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