Here are some photos from the last weekend. I went to a Designer Outlet in Roermond (Netherlands) and it wasn't my first time that I've been there. I'm in love with the Designer Outlet because there are a lot of brands I really like for example Burberry, Prada or Mulberry. On the first photo you can see our shopping haul. We bought two Burberry Trenchcoats and I am so HAPPY, because I always wanted a Burberry Trenchcoat. 
On the last photos you can see lots of flowers. The first one shows a beautiful bed of flowers. I've never seen something like that before. 
Believe it or not.. there is even a place where you can get flowers cheaper - 50 roses for 10€.
I can only say good things about the Designer Outlet in Roermond. So if you wanna do something special, visit the Designer Outlet. I bet you will buy something! :)



  1. very nice pics
    i love the flowers one

  2. Some beautiful pics! I can see you did some great shopping <3